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Raymond mill manufacturers new Raymond machine developed SXR2600 Raymond machine

2020-11-06 10:45:39

In recent years, with the development of our country’s economy, the powder industry is also constantly moving forward. As the best equipment for grinding powder in the powder industry, the Raymond Mill must keep up with the development of the times and move towards a new type of large-scale The development of environmental protection. The technical staff of our company introduced advanced foreign production experience, and based on our years of R&D and production experience, carried out innovative research on the Raymond Mill, and developed and produced the SXR2600 Raymond Mill. New Raymond machine

SXR2600 Raymond Mill is a new generation of large-scale powder processing equipment developed by our company independently. The Raymond mill equipment can meet the needs of the national industrial policy and the development trend of the powder industry to large-scale industrial production. It has excellent performance, reliable operation, and integrates the characteristics of large-scale, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and less labor. It adopts high-quality castings, profiles and sophisticated production technology, and its indicators are in a leading position in the country. It is especially suitable for the production of desulfurizer powder in concrete mixing plants and power plants.

1. The Raymond mill newly developed by our company has the following performance advantages:

2. Compared with the traditional Raymond mill, the operating cost is reduced by 50%;

3. Small equipment loss, low unit energy consumption, stable operation and long service life;

4. Using high-quality castings and profiles, high wear resistance and fine manufacturing technology;

5. The new generation of turbo air classifier adopts a horizontal classifying wheel design, which reduces wear and has a long service life. The classification accuracy is high, the material is evenly distributed, and the finished product has a good particle size. Low pressure drop, more energy saving;

6. The main machine adopts double feed structure, low energy consumption; stable operation, reducing equipment vibration, low noise;

7. Efficient four-cyclone collection system, high recovery rate of finished products, less powder in the return air pipe, low energy consumption and long service life;

8. Air box pulse dust collector is adopted, which has high dust removal efficiency and reaches the standard of zero emission;

9. The main motor is installed horizontally, and the coupling is directly connected to the gearbox. The main engine is driven by decelerating gears and wheels, with stable torque output, low failure rate and safety.

Heavy Industry is a large-scale professional Raymond mill manufacturer. We have built our own factory for more than 20 years and have our own professional production team and our own professional production technology. The Raymond mill equipment produced is based on the user and Market demand is constantly developing and innovating, keeping up with the trend of the times. We welcome every user to come to our company's production base for field inspections and test machines.




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Landline: 0412-3216450

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