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What model of new Raymond machine to choose for processing calcium carbonate

2020-11-06 10:45:39

In recent years, with the continuous development of my country's construction industry, calcium carbonate is an important material for the construction industry, and the market prospects for the development of calcium carbonate industry are broad, especially in Henan. Haicheng Hongsheng Heavy Industry is a manufacturer of new Raymond machines. Every year a large number of Raymond mills go to major calcium carbonate production bases to create value for calcium carbonate deep processing. Raymond machine manufacturers

In recent years, our country has gradually paid attention to the development and use of calcium carbonate in our country. Henan actively implements national policies and strives to develop the calcium carbonate industry in our province for the welfare of the people. After determining the country’s vigorous development of calcium carbonate, Henan Province attached great importance to it and formulated a series of policies and incentive measures to accelerate the development of the calcium carbonate industry to promote industrial development in terms of technology, capital, taxation, and land. At present, there are about 50 enterprises in the province that mainly process calcium carbonate powder. Last year, the output was about 1.6 million tons and the output value was about 850 million yuan. Among them, there were 8 enterprises above designated size with an annual output of 1.2 million tons and an output value of about 7. 100 million yuan. In the process of developing calcium carbonate, we are also actively creating favorable Raymond mill equipment for the development of Henan. 

According to the development requirements of the times, Haicheng Hongsheng Heavy Industry Raymond Mill has continuously improved the performance and output of the mill. The new Raymond Mill produced by a single Raymond mill can grind dozens of tons per hour, which greatly improves the tradition. The problem of low output of Raymond mill. Moreover, the new Raymond mill we produce is better in product fineness, and it is a good choice for processing and grinding calcium carbonate. The Raymond mill produced by our factory can be used not only for calcium carbonate, but also for grinding other mines ores. Raymond mills are very versatile. Everyone is welcome to come to our company's production base for field inspections and test machines.




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Tel: 13904924465 Li Shenghui

Landline: 0412-3216450

Email: hsyjksjx@hsyjksjx.com

Company Address: No. 375, Hejia Village, Xiangtang Management District, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province



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