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What is the impact of improper use of crushing opportunities?

2020-11-26 17:30:03

What kind of impact does the improper installation, improper feeding, and improper maintenance of the crusher have on the crusher? In fact, the more direct impact is the impact on the output and the use time of the crusher. Although the crusher is a mechanical device, it is the same as a person, and its normal use and maintenance must be standardized. Raymond machine manufacturers

Most of the hammer heads inside the crusher operate according to a circular trajectory, if the equipment is inclined during installation. Then the trajectory of the hammer head in the inside of the equipment will change, so that the hammer head is stressed in a single position in the equipment, which increases the load of the hammer head and reduces the service life.

Each crushing equipment has its own unique feed size. For example, the feed size of the crusher is 480mm. If a material larger than 480mm enters the equipment, it will not only damage the jaws of the equipment but also cause material blocking. Seriously affect the service life of production and equipment.


Most of the material of jaw crushing equipment is manganese steel. The jaw plate is made of high manganese steel, and the toggle plate is made of cast iron, which mainly protects the fuselage. Vulnerable parts need regular maintenance, the fuselage needs to be painted to prevent corrosion, and the eccentric shaft needs regular grease lubrication. Especially during the rainy season, careful maintenance is needed. Even the best equipment will not last long if it only works without maintenance.

Knowing the hazards of the above irregular use, I hope everyone uses the crusher by referring to the maintenance and maintenance to increase the use time of the crusher.



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