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Raymond machine manufacturers have contributed to the field of kaolin processing

2020-11-06 10:45:39

Kaolin Raymond machine manufacturers refer to the name of Raymond mill equipment used in the field of kaolin processing. In the northeast region of my country with large reserves of kaolin, the annual mining volume exceeds 100 million tons. Such a large mining volume occupies nearly half of our kaolin market. . Raymond machine price

With the increasing development of various fields of the national economy, people pay more and more attention to the deep processing of kaolin, because this can not only obtain new materials with special properties, but also improve economic benefits. One of the deep processing methods of kaolin is to further heat, roast, and dehydrate the kaolin that has been washed and dried in a tough step to turn it into metakaolin, which is used as a filler for plastic cables to improve the insulation of the cable sheath. performance. Commonly used footwear rubber fillers mainly include organic fillers and inorganic fillers. The former includes reclaimed rubber and recycled materials, and the latter includes white carbon black, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, carbon black and Zinc oxide powder, etc. Kaolin is a new type of filler for rubber products developed in recent years. At present, ceramics, rubber, plastics, artificial leather, cement, refractory materials, chemical industries and agriculture are not widely used. With the further improvement of the kaolin beneficiation technology, the application range of kaolin will become more extensive. The coalfield geological system preparation unit can proceed from the actual situation, based on the kaolin resources in the coal strata and market demand. Kaolin is a kind of non-metallic mineral ubiquitous in nature. In the past, it was generally used to produce ceramics, refractory materials, and a small amount of it was mixed into plastics and rubber as fillers.

However, in all applications of kaolin, it must be processed into fine powder before it can be added to other materials and fully integrated. When processing fine powder, it is inseparable from a kind of equipment, that is, Raymond mill. Raymond mill is the basic equipment for kaolin processing. For many years, Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Industry has explored and developed various methods for kaolin milling and improved the general Type Raymond mill has some disadvantages in processing kaolin fine powder. At present, the new generation of kaolin Raymond mill developed by Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Industry has been put into use in the kaolin processing market, and the response has been very good. Kaolin Raymond is full of praise, which not only saves costs, but also improves the yield and fineness without destroying the internal molecular structure of kaolin.

The role of kaolin Raymond mill in the field of kaolin processing is obvious. Without Raymond mill superfine powder processing, kaolin cannot be integrated with other materials, and there is no way to produce finished products. Therefore, kaolin Raymond mill is used in the field of kaolin processing. It is indispensable.




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