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沈阳Anti shock crusher

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Product use of counterattack crusher (applicabilities)

Dahongli machinery - PF series crusher, as our traditional products, optimize the mechanism design based on absorbing foreign advanced technology, has high stability, more solid and durable, has a high price. Widely used in construction, metal aggregate crushing ore, gravel crushing, chemical raw material and other fields.

Working principle of counterattack crusher (working principle)

Crusher with high speed impact crushing material. When the speed of impact zone material into the plate hammer from a feeding port by the plate hammer was first broken, a strong impact to the material onto the back plate is broken again, bounce and fall back plate material to the district board hammer continue to repeat the above process until the material is crushed to less than the discharge size, weight due to the discharge from the discharge port.

Product features of counterattack crusher (features)

1, PF series crusher has high crushing ratio, simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance, replacement fast, high crushing efficiency. Widely used in construction, metal aggregate crushing crushing, crushing, crushing and other chemical raw materials HeLuanShi field.

2. After the optimized design, the crushing chamber is enlarged and the granularity of the feed is increased. By optimizing the lining plate and the specific rotor, the production efficiency under various application conditions is greatly improved.

3, counterattack the plate hammer, counterattack lining plate and the vulnerable parts in the cavity of the crusher rotor. They all use high chromium and high manganese steel materials, which improves the durability of the vulnerable parts (such as plate hammer, counterattack lining board, etc.) and the reliability of countering mechanical components (such as spindle and bearing).

4, easy to repair, can be equipped with hydraulic open cover, easy to remove easy and quick dismantling.



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