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海城Vertical Pulverizer

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Vertical mill is based on widely used advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with many years of production experience of all kinds of grinder and vertical mill, designed and developed advanced grinding equipment. It is an ideal equipment for grinding, drying, grinding and grading in one. It can be widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic ore and other industries. It is used to grind the bulk, granular and powdery raw materials into the required powdery materials.

Vertical milling machine of the Chinese name Vertical Pulverizer


1 main structure

2 working principle

3 main features

After the low investment cost

After low operation cost

After the drying ability

After simple operation

After the product quality is stable

Convenient maintenance after

After the environmental protection

4 process flow

5 technical parameters

6 application fields

7 matters needing attention

8 common problems

After the grinding roller body wear

After bearing room wear

Main structure editor

The vertical mill is mainly composed of pulverizer, grinding roller device, grinding disc device, pressurizing device, reducer, motor, shell and so on. Separator is

Vertical Pulverizer

Vertical Pulverizer

A high efficiency and energy-saving powder selection device. The grinding roller is a component used to crush and crush the material. The grinding disc is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer, which is the place where the roller compacts the material. A pressurizing device is a component that provides roller pressure for the roller, providing enough pressure to grinding the material to smash the material.

Work principle editors

When the vertical mill is working normally, the motor drives the millstone through the reducer, and the material falls into the center of the millstone through the locking air feeder, and the hot air enters the mill from the inlet. As the disc rotates, the material under the centrifugal force, moving to the edge of the grinding disc, the annular groove grinding plate by grinding roller rolling and grinding, the crushed material is brought up in the air ring high speed airflow grinding edge, large particles directly onto the disc re grinding, the material flow of gas through the upper the separator, in the rotation of the rotor under the action of coarse powder from the cone disc to re grinding, qualified fine powder with the airflow grinding, through the dust collection device, which contains water products, the materials are in contact with hot air flow drying process in, by adjusting the air temperature, humidity and can meet the needs of different materials requirements to product moisture required. By adjusting the separator, the fineness required for different products can be achieved.

Main feature editing

Low investment cost

Because of the integration of crushing, drying, grinding and grading, the system is simple and the layout is compact. It covers an area of about 50% of the ball milling system.

Vertical Pulverizer series pictures

A series of Vertical Pulverizer pictures (6)

The layout of the open air can reduce the cost of investment.

Low operating cost

The high grinding efficiency by grinding roller compacted ground material directly on the disc, low energy consumption, energy saving and milling system compared to 40% 30%.

The less wear: because the work does not directly contact with the grinding roller and grinding, grinding roller and the lining plate is made of high quality materials, therefore, long service life, less wear.

Strong drying ability

Because the hot air is directly contacted with the material in the mill, the drying ability is strong, energy saving is saved, and the requirements of different humidity materials can be met by adjusting the hot air temperature.

Easy operation

It is equipped with automatic control system, can realize remote control, simple operation.

The equipment to prevent roller and disc lining board device of direct contact, avoid destructive shock and vibration.

Product quality stability

Due to the short residence time in the mill, the particle size and chemical composition are easily detected and controlled, and the repeated grinding is reduced and the quality of the product is stabilized.

Convenient maintenance

By overhauling the cylinder and turning the arm, the replacement of the roller and the lining plate is convenient and fast, and the loss of the shutdown is reduced.

environmental protection

Small vibration, low noise, and the whole equipment is sealed, the system works under the negative pressure, no dust overflow, the environment is clean, meet the national environmental requirements.


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