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大石桥Circular vibrating screen

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The vibrating screen works with the vibration of the reciprocating rotating type produced by the excitation of the vibrator. The upper rotary weight of the vibrator makes the sieve plane produce plane cyclotron vibration, while the downward rotating hammer makes the screen surface produce the conical rotary vibration, and the effect of combined effect makes the screen surface vibrate again. Its vibrational trajectory is a complex space curve. The curve is projected into a circle on the horizontal plane, and the projection on the vertical plane is an ellipse. The amplitude can be changed by adjusting the exciting force of the upper and lower rotating heavy hammer. While adjusting the space phase angle of the upper and lower heavy hammer, the curve shape of the motion track of the screen can be changed and the motion track of the material on the screen can be changed.

The Chinese name is vibrating screen, which has the advantages of high efficiency, light weight, screening dry materials, mining vibrating screen, fine vibrating screen, sieve shaft principle, vibrator reciprocating rotary vibration, and working discipline ecological environment.


1 brief introduction

2 species

3 Classification

After linear vibrating screen

After the circular vibrating screen

After the elliptical sieve

After oil shaker

4 operation check

Advantages of 5 vibrating screen

6 mechanical structure

After the vibrator

After the screen box

After supporting device

After transmission device

7 working principle

8 characteristics of work

9 scope of application

10 usage description

After the daily maintenance

After regular maintenance

11 standard operating process

12 main functions

Discipline in engineering application.

After the innovation of design theory and method

After the nonlinear dynamical theory of innovation

13 weight adjustment

14 common faults

15 maintenance scheme

16 application needs

17 use skill

18 industry standards

19 influencing factors

20 types of distinction

After the flash spiral vibrating screen

After rotary vibration sieve

21 practical application

22 development trend

Distribution of 23 manufacturers

24 model establishment

25 cause of runaway

26 daily maintenance

27 bearing damage prevention

Brief introduction editor

It is a filter mechanical separation device used for solid phase treatment of mud, composed of sieve and vibrator. The thickness of the screen is expressed in the eyes, and the coarse screen net is below 50 eyes, and more than 80 eyes are fine screen. The vibrator is an eccentric wheel, which is driven by the motor to make the sieve frame vibrate. Because of the vibration of screen rack, when coarse mud is flowing to the screen surface, the coarser solid particles remain on the screen surface, and are discharged from one end along the inclined plane, and the fine solid particles and mud liquid flow through the sieve hole to the mud pool.

Type editing

The main types of the vibrating screen: the advantages and disadvantages of the product: high efficiency, light quality, complete and diverse series,

YK circular vibrating screen

YK circular vibrating screen

There are many levels, and the dry material sieving can meet the needs. For high moisture and adhesive materials, the machine is not suitable. When working, vibration will make the material more tightly attached to the screen surface, causing material congestion or forced shutdown. Because of the limited working principle, the energy consumption of the model is relatively high, especially under the condition of large output. In addition, the work noise and dust are heavier.

Classified editor

Vibration screening equipment can be divided into mining vibrating screen, light fine vibrating screen, experimental vibrating screen machine

The vibrating screen of mine can be divided into high efficiency heavy sieve, self fixed center vibrating screen, elliptical vibrating screen, dehydrating sieve, circular vibrating screen,

Vibration sieve

Vibrating screen (4)

Banana sieve, linear vibrating screen, etc.

Light and fine vibrating screen can be divided into rotating vibrating screen, linear screen, straight row sieve, ultrasonic vibrating screen, filter screen and other reference vibrating screen series

Experimental vibrating screen: flapping screen, top strike vibrating screen machine, standard screening screen, electric vibrating screen machine, etc. Please refer to experimental equipment

According to the material running track of the vibrating screen, it can be divided into:

Line motion according to a straight line: a linear vibrating screen (the material moves forward straight on the screen)

The structure and advantages of circular vibrating screen (circular motion of the material on the screen) according to the circular motion track

According to the track of the reciprocating movement, the fine screening machine (the material is moving forward on the screen to do the reciprocating movement)

The vibrating screen is mainly divided into linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen and high frequency vibrating screen. The vibrating screen can be divided into a single shaft vibrating screen and a double shaft vibrating screen according to the type of the vibrator. The single axis vibrating screen uses single unbalance vibration to make the sieve box vibrate, the sieve surface is tilted, and the motion track of the sieve box is generally round or oval. The double axis vibrating screen is a double unbalance vibration excited by synchronous revolving, the sieve surface is horizontal or gently inclined, and the motion track of the sieve box is straight. The vibrating screen has an inertial vibrating screen, an eccentric vibrating screen, a self fixed center vibrating screen and an electromagnetic vibrating screen. [1]

Linear vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is widely used in the industry of coal and other industries. It is used as a screening machine for classification, washing, dehydration and removal of materials. Among them, linear vibrating screen has been widely used for its advantages of high production efficiency, good grading effect and convenient maintenance. In the working process, the dynamic performance of the vibrating screen directly affects the screening efficiency and the service life. Vibration sieve using vibration motor as vibration source, the materials is thrown up on the screen, at the same time for linear motion, the material feeding from the feeder evenly into the screen, screen material, produced a number of specifications through multi-layer screen material were discharged from their mouth. Linear vibration sieve (linear sieve) is stable and reliable, low consumption, low noise, long life, vibration mode stability, high screening efficiency, is a new high efficient screening equipment, widely used in mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry etc.. [2]

Circular vibrating screen

Circular vibrating screen

Circular vibrating screen

Circular vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen) is a circular motion. It is a new type of multi-layer and high efficiency vibrating screen. Circular vibrating screen with tube type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block to adjust the swing, the material screen drip line length, screen size, has the advantages of reliable structure, strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, the vibration noise is small, durable, easy maintenance and safety characteristics of circular vibrating screen is widely used in mining, product classification building materials, transportation, energy and chemical industry. According to material products and user requirements, high manganese steel braided screen, punching sieve plate and rubber sieve plate can be used. There are two kinds of sieve plates, one layer and two layers. All kinds of sieve plates can meet different requirements of sieving effect. The series of circular vibrating screens are mounted. The adjustment of the angle of the sieve surface can be realized by changing the position height of the spring support. [3]

Elliptical sieves

The elliptical sieve is a vibrating screen with elliptical motion track, which has the advantages of high efficiency, high screening precision and wide range. And the common sieve machine with the same specification



In comparison, there is a greater amount of treatment and higher screening efficiency. It is suitable for solvent of metallurgical industry, sieving of cold sinter, classification of ore in mine industry, classification of coal industry, dehydration and stripping, etc. It is an ideal substitute for the existing large vibrating screen and imported products abroad. TES three axis elliptic vibrating screen is widely used for screening of quarries and sand and stone. It can also be used for classification of products in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, construction, power and chemical industry.

Sieving principle: the power is transferred from the motor to the exciter, the active shaft and the gear vibrator (speed ratio is 1), and the three axes are rotated at the same speed, and the exciting force is generated. The exciter is connected with the high-strength bolt of the screen box to generate elliptical motion. Material on the screen with the screen machine high-speed elliptical movement, rapid stratification, screening, forward, and finally complete the material classification.

The obvious advantage of the TES series three axis elliptical sieves

The three axis drive can make the screen machine produce ideal elliptical motion. It has the advantages of circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, and the elliptical track and amplitude can be adjusted. It can choose the vibration track according to the actual material condition, and has more advantages for difficult screening materials.

The three axis driven forced synchronous excitation can make the sieve get a stable working state, especially for the screening of large amount of screening.

The three axis drive improves the stress state of the screen frame, reduces the load of single bearing, uniformly forces the side plate, reduces the stress concentration point, improves the stress condition of the screen frame, improves the reliability and life of the screen, and establishes a theoretical foundation for the sifting of the sieving machine.

Because of its horizontal installation, it can effectively reduce the height of the unit, and can meet the needs of large and medium-sized mobile screen.

Bearing thin oil lubrication, effectively reduce the bearing temperature, improve the life;

The same screening area, elliptical vibrating screen can increase yield 1.32 times. [4]

Thin oil vibrating screen

The thin oil vibrating screen has large processing capacity and high screening efficiency, and the vibrator uses thin oil lubricated bearing and external block eccentricity. With great exciting force, bearing

Vibration sieve

Vibration sieve

A small load, low temperature, low noise characteristics (less than 35 degrees; the overall bearing temperature rise) vibrator assembly and disassembly, maintenance, convenient replacement, greatly shorten the maintenance cycle (replacing the vibrator only 1~2 hours); the whole screen machine side plate of cold, no welding, high strength and long service life. The beam and the side boards connected by torsional shear high-strength bolt connection, no welding beam, easy to replace; sieve machine adopts rubber spring damper, and the metal spring, with low noise, long service life, a vibration sieve machine, stable region of each support advantages of dynamic load etc.; the motor and the vibrator is connected with flexible coupling and has the advantages of long service life, the advantages of small motor impact etc..

The screening machine is widely used in coal, metallurgy, hydropower, mine, building materials, chemical, electric, transportation, port and other industries. [5]

Operation check editor

Equipment in the factory before the assembly and no load test for precision, by leaving the factory, after passing the check the indicators so that equipment to use in the field after shipment, the user should according to the packing list and invoice checking equipment of the whole machine parts are complete, whether there are flaws in technical documents.

YK vibrating screen

YK vibrating screen

After arriving at the site, the equipment should not be placed on the ground directly. It should be placed smoothly on the flat sleepers, and the distance from the ground should not be less than 250mm. If stored in the open, should add anti cloth cover, to prevent the erosion of wind and rain. High frequency vibrating screen

High frequency vibrating screen is called high frequency screen for short, and high frequency vibrating screen (high frequency screen) is composed of vibrator, pulp distributor, screen frame, frame, suspension spring and screen.

High frequency sieves (high frequency sieves) have high efficiency, small amplitude and high screening frequency. High frequency vibration sieve principle and ordinary sieving equipment, due to the high frequency vibrating screen (high frequency screen) with high frequency, a failure of the pulp surface tension and fine material on the sieve surface high speed oscillation, accelerated the density usefulminerals andseparationeffect, increasing the probability of small in size separation material and sieve contact.

Advantage editing of vibrating screen

It mainly consists of a sieve box, a vibrator, a suspension (or a supporting) device and a motor, etc. Electric

Vibration sieve

Vibration sieve

Through a triangle belt drive spindle rotating exciter, as the exciter on the unbalanced centrifugal inertial force and weight, which was vibrating screen box. Different amplitudes can be obtained by changing the eccentric weight of the vibrator.

The main advantages of the vibrating screen:

1. Due to the strong vibration of the sieve box, the phenomenon of material blocking the sieve hole is reduced and the sieve efficiency and productivity are higher.

2. It is easy to construct simple and dismantle the screen.

3. The energy consumed by each ton of material is less.

Mechanical structure editing

The vibrating screen is usually composed of vibrator, sieve box, support or suspension device, transmission device and so on.


The vibrators of single axis vibrating screen and double shaft vibrating screen are usually divided into two kinds according to eccentricity reconfiguration.

Type. The configuration of eccentric weight is better with block eccentricity.

The screen box

The sieve box is composed of a screen frame, a sieve surface and a pressing device. The screen frame is made up of a side plate and a cross beam. The sifter must have enough rigidity.

Supporting device

The supporting device of the vibrating screen has two kinds of hanging type and seat type. The seat type installation is simple and the installation height is low, which should be preferred in general. The supporting device of the vibrating screen is mainly composed of elastic elements, which are commonly used as helical springs, plate springs and rubber springs.


The vibrating screen usually adopts the triangle belt transmission device. The structure of the vibrating screen is simple, and the number of the vibrator can be selected arbitrarily, but the belt slips easily when running, which may cause the screen hole to be blocked. The vibrating screen is also driven directly by a coupling. The coupling can maintain the stability of the vibrator, and it has a long service life, but it is difficult to adjust the number of the vibrator.

Work principle editors

The broken granular material groups with different size of particles are divided into a number of different levels through the uniform layer of single layer or multilayer screen. The particles larger than the sieve holes are left on the screen, which are called the sieves of the sieves. The particles smaller than the sieve holes through the sieve holes are called the sieves of the sieves. The actual screening process is: a lot of different size and thickness of mixed granular material into the sieve surface, only a portion of the particles and sieve surface contact, the vibration sieve box, the sieve material layer is loose, the large particle gap existed is further expanded, small particles to cross the gap and transfer to the lower layer or transport. Because the small particle gap is small and the large particles can not pass through, the original particle cluster with disordered arrangement has been separated, that is, the particle size is stratified, forming a rule of small particles below the coarse particles. The fine particles reaching the screen surface are smaller than the sieve holes, and the coarse and fine grain separation is finally realized, and the screening process is completed. However, the full separation is not, in the screening, there is usually a part of the sieves in the sieve. Although the particle size is smaller than the sieve hole when the fine particles are passed through the screen, they have different difficulty in sieving. The particles with similar size and sieve size are difficult to penetrate through the screen, and the particle clearance through the bottom surface of the screen is even more difficult.

Work feature editing

Firstly, the block eccentricity is used as the exciting force, and the exciting force is strong.

The high strength bolt is adopted in the screen box and the screen box. The structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient and quick.

Vibration sieve

Vibration sieve

(3) the use of tire coupling, flexible connection, smooth operation;

The use of small amplitude, high frequency and large angle structure makes the machine with high screening efficiency, maximum processing, long life, low power consumption and low noise.

According to the structure and working principle of the screening machine, there are the following categories:

1. The working face of the roller screen is composed of a lateral rolling axis.

2. The working face of the roller screen is composed of a lateral rolling axis. The working part of the fixed sieve is fixed, and the material is sieved by the material slipping along the working face. Fixed screen is one of the more used in the concentrator, generally used for pre - screening of coarse or medium crumb. It is simple in structure and convenient in manufacture. The ore can be directly unloaded onto the screen without power consumption. The main disadvantages are low productivity, low screening efficiency, and generally only 50 - 60%.

3. The plane motion screen is a plane oscillating or vibrating in the plane. The plane motion is divided into linear motion, circular motion, elliptical motion and complex motion according to its plane motion. Shaking sieves and vibrating screens belong to this category.

Scope of application editing

The scope of application of vibrating screen is very wide, which involves almost all kinds of vibrating screens in all aspects of life in processing and manufacturing.

The vibrating screen is mainly used in mines, coal, smelting, building materials, refractories, light industry, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries.

Vibrating screen is applied most in mineral processing plant. According to its transmission mechanism, it can be divided into the following kinds: eccentric vibrating screen, inertia vibrating screen, self centering vibrating screen and resonance screen.

Use the description editor

1, the screen machine design, exquisite and easy to assemble, one person can operate the screen machine.

2, compared with other types of screening equipment, it has large screening area and high efficiency.

3, the unique screen structure design, convenient and rapid replacement screen (only 3 to 5 minutes), in addition to this design

All kinds of screen nets are allowed (nylon, special dragon, PP net).

4, the parent network to fully support the fine mesh, so fine mesh scored a longer life, and reduce the supplies of fine mesh, the production process and the long time can reduce a lot of cost.

Function and principle:

The basic principle is to transform the rotary motion of motor into horizontal, vertical and tilted three dimensional motion by using the heavy hammer installed on the upper and lower ends of the motor shaft, and then transmit the movement to the screen surface. Changing the phase angle of the upper and lower weight of the hammer can change the direction of the moving of the raw material.

Daily maintenance

Before starting:

1. check the coarse and fine mesh without damage

2. whether each group of rings is locked 3.. Check whether the V ring of the sieve frame of the screever is damaged or not, if it is damaged, repair it in time to prevent material leakage.

Two. When starting:

1. Pay attention to whether or not the abnormal noise and current are stable

2, there is no abnormal vibration

3, after use: clean up after each use.

Regular maintenance

Periodically check the coarse mesh, mesh and spring has no fatigue and damage, the body parts are produced by vibration damage, the need to add the lubricating oil must be part of lubrication. Vibration: with the size of sieve surface, screen layer number, sieve size, feed particle size, motor power, vibration frequency and double amplitude, these data can make people who search for vibrating screen have a deeper understanding.

Standard operating process editor

Check before vibrating screen: including equipment hygiene, all parts of the connection bolt complete, fastened, well, check whether the vibrator is good, check the spring

Vibration sieve

Vibration sieve

There is no damage, missing, broken, check whether the belt tensioner has no fault screen box, screen is damaged, there is no debris clogging check sieve sieve surface should be smooth without damage or loose phenomenon, check import chute is smooth check beam without a welding phenomenon, check whether the safety protection device safety inspection, control box, communication, lighting is good, grounding protection is reliable, the control button is flexible and reliable.

Start up: after opening the vibrating screen, standing at the control box by the control box and starting to find the abnormal stop immediately. Start again after normal inspections of each vibration sieve nozzle blockage or fall off, always observe the temperature of the motor and sound, always observe the exciter sound, vibration sieve four observation angle amplitude is consistent with and without leaking coal belt is loose or fall off, often observe the dewatering effect of dielectric. Check whether the material is normal or not.

Shutdown: the material on the sieve can be stopped after the material is finished. At the time of parking, it is observed that the sieves collide with other equipment at the resonance point. When the following conditions are found, the sieves must be stopped immediately. When endangering personal safety or equipment safety, when the area of the screen area is large and the material is not smooth, the screen mesh will be broken in large area, the chute will be blocked up seriously, the screen box will be swaying badly and other abnormal situations. After the problem is removed, the vibrating screen can be restarted.

Major role editing

With the further development of China's economic construction and scientific research, new use of shaker will continue to appear, and their use in various sectors will also increase, and will play an increasingly important role.

In engineering applications

In the past 30 years, Professor Gang Chun has applied the theoretical and practical results to the engineering practice. For example, large vibration exciter deflection type self synchronous vibration sieve, inertial resonance type probability sieve and the new structure vibration cooling machine, crushing structure, and successfully applied to the industrial sector, has achieved great economic benefits and social benefits, won the National Invention Award, National Science and Technology Progress Award and the provincial for more than 10.

Innovation of design theory and method

Put forward the design theory and method of mechanical vibration dynamic systematic sieve, especially the dynamic design theory and method of nano mechanical nonlinear vibrating screen, as well as dynamic optimization, intelligent optimization and visual optimization design for the content of the comprehensive method for the design of high quality of the products, especially to provide theoretical reference and basis for the study of plant with the development of new products.

Innovation of nonlinear dynamics theory

Study and test of Professor Wen Bangchun on long-term fluctuation and the use of technology and equipment work theory of vibrating screen, a plurality of branches using engineering (such as vibration synchronization and control synchronization of the application of the theory of nonlinear vibration, using wave energy utilization, and establishes the theoretical foundation branch).

Hammer adjustment editor

As part of the work belongs to the vibration sieve fine operation, therefore can not avoid such problems in the operation time, sometimes screening materials, the discharge situation is different, this time can be adjusted by weight to adjust the material screening, in order to achieve better results.

First of all, we can adjust the vibration motor additional weight hammer in the upper and lower (upper and lower side of the eccentric block) with an additional weight, which can increase the excitation force of vibration sieve, according to the customer to screening materials and the proportion of the selected layers of different vibrating screen, the number of appropriate excitation and adjustment additional weight. Secondly, the phase angle of the upper and lower heavy hammer of the vibration motor can be changed, so the residence time and the motion track of the material on the screen of the vibrating screen can be changed.

Furthermore, the vibrating screen can be opened.

(2) if the motor is running for two weeks, a timely lithium base grease (ZL 1) must be supplemented. The cumulative operation of L500 hours, check the bearing, if the damage is changed immediately. [6]

Maintenance program editor

Real screening wear of polymer materials

Real screening wear of polymer materials

During the operation of the vibrating screen, it often causes the parts wear and scratches due to the coordination between hard and hard metal, such as the wear of the main shaft and the bearing of the vibrating screen. The above problems, the traditional solution is to repair machining or welding plating, but both have certain disadvantages: welding and high temperature thermal stress generated can not be completely eliminated, which will affect the thermal stress welding repair, the thickness is not restricted, concession metal products have not the device can absorb the shock, to avoid wear, and greatly prolong the service life of equipment components, enterprises save a lot of downtime, creating huge economic value. [6]

Application knowledge editing

There is a close relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the body, so the state is very strict with the pharmaceutical industry.

The material screening pharmaceutical industry is very strict, is the most basic vibration screening equipment used in pharmaceutical industry must be 304 stainless steel material and 316 materials, the parts contacting material does not allow any impurity pollution, so the rubber accessories must meet the hygienic standard of food grade and pharmaceutical industry (silica gel), require the use of screening equipment the production standards must be approved by the GMP. The use of vibrating screen in pharmaceutical industry is very strict, and it must meet the GMP standard of pharmaceutical industry, which is related to whether the screened drugs will be polluted.

In fact, as a complicated sieve machine, the so-called GMP standard is actually 304 of stainless steel on the material. The choice of the rubber parts must choose the pharmaceutical grade. The equipment must be polished inside and outside, no black spots and no burrs.


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