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大连Jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher jaw crusher called, also known as the tiger mouth. A crusher which consists of two jaw plates of a movable jaw and a static jaw, which simulates the movement of the two jaw of an animal and completes the crushing operation of the material. It is widely used in mining, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. The highest compressive strength of the broken material is 320Mpa.

A Chinese jaw crusher, Jaw Crusher, Hubei ore breaking nickname tiger mouth performance of the most commonly used crusher efficiency classification pendulum jaw crusher, jaw type

1 development survey

2 brief introduction

3 Classification

After the pendulum jaw principle

After the jaw type principle

4 advantages

5 operation steps

6 maintenance

7 matters needing attention

8 troubleshooting

9 safe operation

10 troubleshooting

11 design and selection

12 assembly

13 influencing factors

14 periodic examination

15 maintenance method

Development profile editor

The modern crushing machinery was created after the gradual improvement and popularization of the power machinery, such as steam engines and motors.

In 1806, a roller crusher driven by a steam engine was developed.

In 1858, Black of the United States invented the jaw crusher of broken rocks.

In 1878, the United States developed a cycle crusher with continuous crushing action, which was more efficient than a jaw crusher for intermittent crushing.

In 1895, William in the United States invented the low energy impact crusher.

Twenty in 1980s, the granularity of the large jaw crusher with 800 tons of material broken per hour had reached about 1800 millimeters.

The common jaw crusher has two elbows and single elbows. The former is only a simple circular arc wiggle at work, so it is also called a simple swing jaw crusher, and the latter also moves up and down at the same time as the arc swinging.

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher

The technology level of jaw crusher manufacturers in China is quite different. A few manufacturers' products are basically close to the world advanced level, while most manufacturers' products are quite different from those of the world's advanced level. The jaw crusher frame accounts for a large proportion of the quality of the whole machine (50% of the casting frame and 30% for the welding frame). The foreign jaw crusher is the welding frame, even the movable jaw also uses the welding structure. It is the development direction for the jaw crusher to adopt the welding frame. There are many unreasonable examples of the structural design of the frame of the jaw crusher in China. The reason is that the reinforcing bar is not arranged according to the actual force condition of the crusher.

In recent years, with the increase of the proportion of open-pit mining, and large scale excavator (excavator), using a large truck, and transported to the broken mine open-pit ore size up to 1.5~2.0 meters; at the same time, because of the raw ore grade is lower, in order to maintain the original production capacity of ore dressing plant, have greatly the original ore mining quantity increasing and crushing weight, so the jaw crusher is developing to the direction of large. At present, the maximum size of jaw crusher is manufactured abroad: 3000 x 2100 mm (simple pendulum), to mine block is 1800 mm, production capacity of 1100 tons / sets; 2100 x 1670 mm (pendulum), the discharge port is 355 mm, the production capacity of 3000 tons / Taiwan -.

With the impact of large rolling bearings, using pendulum jaw crusher instead of simple pendulum crusher trend at home and abroad, this is because in the case under the same conditions, the former than the latter production capacity increased by 30%; the two production capacity at the same time, the former than the latter to reduce the weight of 20%~30%. However, there are still some problems in the jaw crusher's structure, have yet to be studied and improved.

It should be noted that in recent years due to China's large rolling bearing material increased, and underground crushing equipment needs, jaw crusher has developed to a large trend, currently in trial 900 x 1200 compound pendulum crusher. With the large-scale equipment specifications, the adjustment device and the insurance device of the general jaw crusher are bound to adopt new mechanisms. Therefore, another trend in the development of jaw crusher, is the size of the discharge port of the hydraulic pressure adjusting mechanism, not only is simple and rapid, and in the work at any time can be adjusted according to needs; at the same time, the insurance device overload machine also uses a hydraulic mechanism, in order to achieve safe and reliable, also do not damage the thrust plate but, after troubleshooting, the machine immediately return to work. The hydraulic jaw crusher is vigorously developed at home and abroad. The 900 * 1200 hydraulic simple pendulum jaw crusher has been produced in China, and has been put into production in Laiwu iron ore and roots iron mine. The production practice has proved that the insurance mechanism and adjustment mechanism of the hydraulic jaw crusher achieve the purpose of safety insurance and convenient adjustment, which is well received by the post workers.

In the crushing efficiency improving jaw crusher, except for local improvement in the structure of the original equipment such as, increase crushing chamber height, increase production capacity; reduction of small mine mouth, increase crushing ratio; increase the swing speed of the movable jaw, outside, in order to improve the production capacity of equipment and improve the quality of products at present, all the countries in the research on new structure such as crusher, impact jaw crusher, double jaw jaw type jaw crusher and hydraulic crusher etc.. [1]

Brief introduction editor

Jaw crusher in mines, building materials, infrastructure and other departments are mainly used as coarse grinder and crusher. In accordance with the inlet width size is divided into large, medium and small three, the inlet width is greater than 600MM for large machine feeding port width in 300-600MM as midrange computers, the inlet width is less than 300MM for the minicomputer. The jaw crusher is simple in structure, easy in manufacture and reliable in work.

Jaw crusher work part of the machine is two piece jaw plate, a fixed jaw (jaw), vertical (or slightly upper extroversion) fixed in the body on the front wall, the other is a movable jaw (jaw), position, form a crushing cavity on the small and the fixed jaw plate (the working chamber). The movable jaw plate makes periodic reciprocating movement to the fixed jaw plate, which is sometimes separated and near. When separated, the material enters the crushing cavity, and the finished product is discharged from the bottom. When approaching, the material between two jaw plates is crushed, bent and split.

The jaw crusher can be divided into a simple swinging jaw crusher (simple pendulum jaw crusher) according to the wobble mode of the movable jaw plate. Complex swing type jaw crusher (jaw crusher) and swing type jaw crusher three.

Classified editor

For jaw crushers, although their structural types are different, their working principles are basically the same, but the moving jaw trajectories are different. Generally speaking, when the movable jaw plate hanging around the axis of the fixed jaw plate reciprocates periodically, and sometimes close to the left, on the movable jaw plate close to fixed jaw plate, in between the two jaw plate is crushed and broken ore, and the combined effect of splitting and bending broken; when the movable jaw plate away from the fixed when a broken jaw plate, ore under gravity discharged by the mine waste crusher export.

The principle of single pendulum jaw

The movable jaw is suspended on the axis of the heart and can be swung left and right. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod moves upward and downward, driving two thrust plates to do reciprocating motion, so as to push the moving jaw to do the reciprocating motion, so as to achieve crushing and unloading. This machine adopts double crank linkage mechanism is broken, while the movable jaw by a great crushing force, and the eccentric shaft and the connecting rod has less force, so the industry made more large and medium-sized machine, used for crushing hard materials. Besides, when the crusher works, the movement locus of every point on the moving jaw is centered on the center of the spindle, and the radius of the arc is equal to the distance from the point to the axle center. The upper end arc is small, the lower end arc is large, the crushing efficiency is low, and its crushing ratio is generally 3-6. Because of the simple movement track, it is called a simple swinging jaw crusher.

The simple pendulum jaw crusher is compact and simple, and the driving force of eccentric shaft is less. Because of the smaller vertical displacement of the moving jaw, the material is less broken and the wear of moving jaw is smaller. [2]

Jaw type principle

The upper end of the movable jaw is suspended directly on the eccentric axis as a crank and connecting rod mechanism

Work simulation diagram of Hubei type crusher

Work simulation diagram of Hubei type crusher

The connecting rod is driven by eccentricity of the eccentric shaft, and the lower end hinge of the movable jaw is supported by the thrust plate to the rear wall of the frame. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the moving locus of every point on the moving jaw is gradually downward to ellipse from the circumference line of the suspension point (radius equal to the offset distance), and to the lower part, the ellipse is more partial, until the track connection point between the lower part and the thrust plate is circular arc. Because of the complex motion of each point on the movable jaw in this machine, it is called a complex swinging jaw crusher.

Compound pendulum jaw crusher and the Blake comparison, its advantages are: lighter, less components, compact structure, the cavity is filled with broken degree is good, the materials loaded by uniform block to move the lower jaw crusher, mandatory launch products discharge, so the productivity is higher than the same specifications of simple pendulum jaw crusher the high productivity of 20-30%; in the lower jaw block material has larger rolling up and down movement, easy unloading of a cubic shape

Structure diagram

The Hubei type crusher mainly consists of the fixed jaw plate, the movable Hubei board, the frame, the upper and lower shield.

The structure diagram of the Hubei type crusher

The structure diagram of the Hubei type crusher

The adjustment seat, the movable Hubei pull rod and so on are made up. A good understanding of the internal structure of the Hubei crusher can play a very good role in the operation and problems of the Hubei crusher.

Crushing ratio

The crushing ratio is an important evaluation index of the Hubei crusher, and the ratio of the crushing ratio of the jaw crusher is the ratio of the grain size to the product precision after the crushing. It indicates the degree of reduction of raw material after crushing. When the ore is broken, the grain size becomes smaller and the ratio of the grain size before the breakage of the ore is called the crushing ratio. It indicates that the size of the ore is reduced after the ore is broken. The calculation methods of the crushing ratio are as follows:

1, the maximum particle size is calculated by the maximum particle size and the maximum particle size after crushing. The calculation method is often adopted in our ore dressing plant design, because the width of jaw crusher inlet is determined according to the maximum granularity of ore feed.

2. The ratio of the effective width of the feeding mouth and the width of the discharge mouth with the jaw crusher

Some jaw crusher, its discharge size is not determined by the size of the discharge port.

3. The average particle size calculation before and after the crushing of the ore is also called the average crushing ratio.


1, the noise is low, and the dust is less.

2, its crushing ratio is large, and the grain size is uniform.

3. The structure is simple, the work is reliable, and the operating cost is low.

4. The lubricating system is safe and reliable, the parts are replaced easily, and the maintenance of the equipment is simple.

5. The crushing cavity is deep and no dead zone, and the feeding capacity and production are improved.

6, the equipment energy saving: the single machine energy saving 15% ~ 30%, the system energy saving more than one.

7, the adjustment range of the discharge mouth is large, which can meet the requirements of different users.

Working principle

When the jaw crusher works, the movable jaw plate makes a periodic reciprocating movement to the fixed jaw plate, which is close and leaves at the time. When approaching, the material is broken by extrusion, splitting and impact between the two jaw plates. When leaving, the broken material is discharged from the discharge port by gravity.

In the process of breaking large stones into small stones, the first crusher is usually a "main" crusher. The longest and most sturdy crusher of history is the jaw crusher. When feeding the jaw crusher, the material is poured into the crushing chamber with jaws from the top entrance, and the jaws are pushed to the wall with great force to break it into smaller stones. The motion of the jaw is an eccentric axis that runs through the frame of the fuselage. Eccentric motion is usually produced by a flywheel fixed at both ends of the shaft. Flywheel and eccentric support bearings often use spherical roller bearings, bearing must bear huge impact load, abrasive sewage and high temperature.


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