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Raymond machine manufacturer equipment should focus on lubrication and maintenance

2020-11-06 10:46:04

When using any equipment, we must pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. Good mechanical maintenance will not only extend the service life of the equipment, but also increase the production efficiency. The same is true for the Raymond mill equipment. Good lubrication of Raymond mill equipment is an important guarantee for long-term safe operation of bearings and transmission gears. Raymond machine manufacturers

The lubrication methods of each friction surface of Raymond Mill are dynamic pressure lubrication and static pressure lubrication. The oil film formation in dynamic pressure lubrication is based solely on the action of the "natural pump" caused by the rotation of the uranium neck, which brings the lubricating oil under the shaft neck. Create a certain pressure oil film. The formation of the static pressure lubricating oil film relies on the external pressure oil to "suspend" the journal on the oil film.

1. There are the following lubrication methods for the large gear of Raymond Mill's edge drive:

1. The oil pump sprays the lubricating oil through the oil pump, the oil pipe and the spray sleeve nozzle to directly spray the oil into the gear mesh. The gear cover is used as an oil sump, and an oil pump is installed for lubricating oil circulation. The disadvantage of this lubrication method is that the oil pump and the oil sometimes leak oil, which increases the maintenance workload.

2. Gear with oil lubrication. This lubrication method is one of the most widely used edge drive Raymond mills. It is to immerse the big gear into the oil pool to a certain depth, and bring the oil to the meshing place of the gear through the rotation of the big gear. In order to reduce oil agitation and energy loss, the depth of the gear immersed in the oil can be one tooth height, but it should not be greater than 100mm.

3. Oil tanker with oil lubrication. The tanker made of metal or non-metal is installed on the center shaft of the lower part of the gear cover. The lower part of the tanker is immersed in the oil pool. The large gear meshes and rotates with the Raymond mill, and the oil is brought to the tanker. The tooth surface of the big gear.

2. The front and rear bearings of Raymond mills generally adopt dynamic pressure lubrication, and the main methods are as follows:

1. The movable oil ring supplies oil. Put the oil ring larger than the hollow shaft journal on the shaft journal. The oil ring is drooped and immersed in the oil pool. On the uranium neck. Since the transmission of the oil ring is non-rigid, to ensure its normal operation, its roundness must be good.

In order to increase the friction coefficient between the oil ring and the journal, the inner wall of the parking ring is often carved or rolled. The amount of oil supplied by the oil ring is related to the viscosity and temperature of the oil. High temperature, low oil viscosity, low oil supply; low temperature, high oil viscosity, the oil ring is easy to be stuck by the oil and slip, so the appropriate oil temperature should be maintained.

2. The oil scoops are fixed on the side of the hollow shaft lubrication part of the Raymond mill and rotate together with the hollow shaft to scoop the lubrication pool from the oil pool into the inclined berth above the journal. The oil film flows from the oil groove to the journal. The oil spoon and the journal are rigidly connected, so the rotation of the oil spoon is consistent with the oil neck.

3. The fixed oil ring supplies oil by fixing the oil ring on the journal, and the lower part is immersed in the oil. With the oil scraper of the hollow sleeve, the oil attached to the oil trap is scraped off and flows on the journal through the oil groove.

As a large-scale grinding equipment, Raymond mill has a high investment cost. Therefore, we must pay attention to the lubrication and maintenance work of Raymond mill in order to make the Raymond mill equipment last longer.




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