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How the new Raymond machine should prevent the damage caused by mechanical impurities

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We all know that the mechanical impurities are very large for the damage to the machine equipment, and the same is the same for Raymond mill. Since the mechanical impurities are greatly affected by Raymond mill, how do we do well to prevent the damage caused by the impurities? This process requires both the manufacturer and the user to work together. Let's look at the details of what to do.

Raymond mill factory:

1, there is no doubt that the quality of Raymond mill should be strictly guaranteed.

2, in addition, in order to avoid impurities entering the body, the sealing requirements of the equipment must be done, especially the moving parts such as roller assembly, bearing and so on. The sealing quality directly affects the entry probability of impurities.

3, manufacturers should provide corresponding technical guidance and reminder for users. If necessary, we can provide operators with simple operation training to let users know where the source of harmful impurities is and how to prevent them.

Use of users:

1, in operation, we should strictly follow the operation rules. In accordance with the guidance of Raymond mills technical staff, we should pay attention to the source of impurity entry, and select some high-quality, matching parts and grease to block it.

2, for parts that are easy to enter the impurity parts, check and clean regularly. Lubricant must be changed at a definite time, and new lubricants should be added to the bearings thoroughly after cleaning.

3, Raymond mill equipment dust daily have to do cleaning work and equipment downtime, correction check all parts cleaning efforts to do maintenance servicing hugh;

4, the environment around the mill should be kept clean and clean, and the dust and dust removal work should be done well.

Here to remind you dawn heavy impurities, dust and metal scraps in the production process must be avoided, it is difficult to completely eradicate, but do the cleaning and maintenance of the impurities caused by the damage of Raymond mill also has good protective effect, good sealing equipment, cleaning and maintenance can effectively reduce fault occurrence, prolong the service life and the number of replacement, for enterprises to save more cost of equipment, to create greater economic benefits.




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