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The equipment of Raymond machine manufacturer should be focused on the lubrication and maintenance

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When any equipment is used normally, we should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. Good mechanical maintenance will not only prolong the service life of the equipment, but also increase the production efficiency. So is the Raymond mill. The good lubrication of Raymond mill is an important guarantee for the long-term safe operation of the bearing and transmission gear.

There are two kinds of lubrication in Raymond mill, which are hydrodynamic lubrication and static pressure lubrication. The formation of oil film in dynamic pressure lubrication is simply dependent on the "natural pump" caused by the rotation of the uranium neck, and the lubricating oil is taken under the neck of the shaft. The oil film that has certain pressure. The formation of the hydrostatic lubricating oil film depends on the external pressure oil, so that the journal is "suspended" on the oil film.

One, Raymond Mill edge transmission large gear lubrication methods are the following:

1, oil pump oil lubrication oil through the oil pump, tubing and spray sleeve nozzle to direct the injection of oil to the meshing of the gear. The gear cover is used as the oil pool, and the oil pump is used as lubricating oil to circulate. The disadvantage of this lubrication method is that oil pumps and oil glimpses are sometimes leaking, and the maintenance work is increased.

2. The lubrication of large gear with oil lubrication is one of the more applications of the edge transmission Raymond mill. It is to immerse the large gear in a certain depth in the oil pool and bring the oil to the meshing of the gear through the rotation of the large gear. In order to reduce the oil agitation and energy loss, the depth of the gear in the oil can be a tooth height, but not more than 100mm.

3, the tanker with oil lubrication is made of metal or non-metal oil tanker mounted on the center shaft of the lower part of the gear cover, and the lower part of the oil tanker is immersed in the oil pool. The big gear is meshed and combined with Raymond mill, and the oil is taken to the gear surface of the big gear by the oil tanker.

Two. The big bearings of Raymond mill are generally lubricated by dynamic pressure, and the main types are as follows:

1, the movable oil ring supplies the oil ring which is bigger than the hollow axle neck on the axle neck, and the oil ring droop in the oil pool. When the Raymond Mill rotates, it uses the friction force to drive and turn the oil and run on the uranium neck. Because the transmission of the oil ring is not rigid, to ensure its normal operation, the roundness of the oil ring must be better.

In order to increase the friction coefficient of the oil ring and neck, the engraving or roll of the inner wall of the ring is often engraved. The amount of oil supply is related to the viscosity and temperature of the oil. The temperature is high, the viscosity of oil is small, the oil supply is little, the temperature is low, the viscosity of oil is big, the oil ring is easy to be stuck and slipped by oil, so the proper oil temperature should be maintained.

2, the oil spoon oil supply is fixed to a number of oil spoons on the side of the hollow shaft of Raymond mill. It rotated along with the hollow shaft, and scoop the lubrication from the oil pool to the inclined slot above the axle neck. The oil film is formed from the oil tank to the neck of the shaft. The oil spoon is connected with the neck of the shaft, so the rotation of the oil spoon is the same as the oil neck.

3, the fixed oil ring oil supply is to fix the oil ring on the axle neck, the lower part is immersed in the oil, and scraps the oil attached to the oil trap with the scraper plate of the hollow sleeve, and then flows through the oil groove to the axle neck.

Zhengzhou Shuguang heavy industry reminds you that Raymond mill as a large-scale grinding equipment has high investment cost. So we must pay attention to the lubrication maintenance work of Raymond mill, so that we can make Raymond mill use longer.




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