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Technology advanced metal riper equipment Raymond machine manufacturer

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With the development of social economy, many scrap metals are being abandoned and wasted, resulting in the shortage of metal resources in China. In order to solve this problem, the tearing machine manufacturers produce metal shredders. The metal tearing machine is welded by high quality steel material. The equipment has strong tearing ability, low noise, low energy consumption and high temperature resistance. Haicheng Hongsheng heavy industry adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "quality of survival, innovation and development" principle, to provide our customers with high quality metal shredder service. The metal tearing machine consists of a main machine, a production line, a magnetic separator, a conveyor and a motor.

Our applications Raymond machine manufacturers: scrap metal recycling, steel enterprises, affiliated professional scrap processing and distribution enterprises, scrap metal recycling enterprises and major dismantling enterprises; trial materials: scrap steel, scrap cars, scrap metal, gate, steel tile and other scrap metal.

Features of metal tearing machine:

1. The metal tearing machine is convenient for the scrap metal to be tore and continue to handle, effectively reducing the occupancy volume and saving the storage space.

2, the metal ball after production is higher, because the effect of painting is good.

3, the structure is stable and compact, and the operation and maintenance is convenient.

4, the broken metal particles, clean and bright, can directly meet the requirements of "feed into the furnace".

5, the content of sulfur in molten steel is low.

Haicheng Hong Sheng heavy metal shredder is a new type of energy saving and environmental protection, with a tear to pieces of metal metal material recycling, to achieve new pieces of equipment resource recycling; the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment, technology, and innovation in China according to the market demand, it also combines the advantages of all the shredder, shredder is a kind of advanced equipment.




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