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SXR2100 type energy saving and environment-friendly Raymond mill mill equipment

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With the development of the society, the market demand for Raymond machine manufacturers is also changing. Now the grinding powder industry demand for grinding equipment is towards the direction of environmental protection and energy conservation. Zhengzhou dawning heavy industry has produced SXR2100 model energy saving and environmental Raymond mill according to the market demand. SXR2100 Raymond mill is the latest generation of powder processing equipment developed by Zhengzhou dawning heavy industry. The equipment in the design and development process to fully consider the trends and customer powder industrial development needs, has the characteristics of large scale, high efficiency, low energy consumption, less labor, high output, power plant desulfurization agent, concrete mixing station equipment production enterprises preferred milling powder.

The new Raymond mill is controlled by variable frequency speed control and PLC interface operation. It can basically achieve full automatic production, and the workshop can achieve unmanned operation, which greatly saves labor costs. And customers can choose the milling machine remote intelligent monitoring system, all the time to control the running status of the mill. The important parts are all made of high quality steel, and all the wear-resistant parts are high performance wear resistant materials. The wear resistance of the whole machine is high and the use period is long.

The technical advantages of Zhengzhou dawning heavy industry production equipment:

High quality castings and profiles are used, with high abrasion resistance and fine manufacturing process.

Turbo air classifier reduces wear and has long service life. The classification precision is high, the material distribution is uniform and the finished product has good grain size. Low pressure drop, more energy saving.

The main engine uses double feed structure, low energy consumption, smooth operation, reducing equipment vibration and low noise.

High efficiency double cyclone collection system has high recovery rate, low return tube powder, low energy consumption and long service life.

The gas box type pulse dust collector has high dust removal efficiency and reaches the standard of zero discharge.

The mainframe motor is equipped with horizontal installation, and the coupling is directly connected to the reducer. Through the reducer and wheel drive the main engine, the torque output is stable, the failure rate is low, and it is safe.

Zhengzhou Shuguang heavy industry company specializing in the production of Raymond mill manufacturer, our production of Raymond mill equipment not only professional, and continuously according to the market demand of Raymond Mill innovation, make Raymond toward efficient energy saving and environmental protection development, welcome everyone to visit the test machine.




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